Top 5 Things I Can't Wait to Do in Wawa, Ontario!

T-minus seven sleeps until I depart on my next adventure to Wawa, Ontario. It’s always exciting when I get a chance to ride in my own Province, but it’s even more exciting when I get to bring along a friend who has never experienced our Northern hospitality! 

Last year, I traveled to the Western United States, where sponsored back country snowmobiler, Stephanie Santeford, introduced me to big mountain riding. Now, the tables will turn as I bring Stephanie to my home province of Ontario for a new adventure! With different terrain, sleds, gear, and people, the adventure is bound to be full of fun, shenanigans and great riding.  

Here is My List of the Top 5 things I Can’t Wait to Do in Wawa (no particular order):  

1) See Snow! – It may sound pretty simple, but this year has been pretty disappointing in terms of snow accumulation in central and southern Ontario. So needless to say, I am pumped to play in the snow, make snow angels, and yes, start a snowball fight!

2) Visit the Goose – The infamous Canadian goose of Wawa is a "must see". Not only does it represent an exciting part of our Canadian heritage, as the national bird; but it also just looks really cool! 

3) Test Out the New Polaris Pro RMK Snowmobiles – On this trip, we will be hooking up with Gord Jones from Jones Power Sports, and will be riding the 2016 800 Polaris Pro RMK and SKS (both with the new AXYS chassis). I’m looking forward to carving through back country powder on these sleds!

4) Discover Top Secret Boondocking Territory - I am determined to figure out what this top secret business is all about! Ever since I ran into the Wawa crew at the Toronto Snowmobile Show and got my secret envelope, I have been oh-so curious about the secrecy. Want to know what's in the envelope? Sorry, I can't tell you! It's a secret.

5) Enjoy the Beautiful North –it’s time to leave the concrete jungle behind and experience the beauty that Northern Ontario has to offer. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a moose or two, but overall I’m just looking forward to getting out into the back country, riding, and checking out the beautiful scenery.

To follow us on this epic adventure, just use the #BoondockOntario hashtag! We’ll be sharing stories about the adventure on, in American Snowmobiler Magazine, on and more!

Stephanie and I would like to thank the following supporters of this adventure: Ontario Tourism, Algoma Country, Municipality of Wawa, Jones Power Sports, Polaris Snowmobiles, Wawa Motor Inn, What a Ride, and KLiM.


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