[NEWS] Epic Snowmobile Adventure Continues in Ontario

Mountain Freerider to Join Trail Rider in the Province’s Top Secret Boondocking Location

Toronto, On (January 25, 2016) – Last season, motorsports enthusiast, Jessica Kline, journeyed to the Western big mountains with sponsored freerider, Stephanie Santeford, to give mountain snowmobiling a try. The adventure focused on avalanche awareness, supporting women riders, and educating new mountain riders about how to prepare for a mountain riding trip.

Now, the tables turn as Santeford joins Kline on their next ‘Epic Snowmobile Adventure’ to experience trail riding and boondocking – Ontario Style. The duo will connect with Jones Powersports in March 2016 to explore the Algoma back country, including several Top Secret Boondocking locations. READ THE FULL RELEASE HERE.


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