Epic Snowmobile Adventure – “She Shreds” Edition

The Adventure Continues in British Columbia 

After an epic adventure last season that took Stephanie Santeford and I two thousand miles, across three states, and in just thirteen days, we are back at it again! I'm so excited to announce that we will be joining Julie-ann Chapman, owner of She Shreds Mountain Adventures in Pemberton, BC in February 2016 for our next epic snowmobile adventure! 

The adventure will be covered by several media outlets, to be announced soon, and will be heavily promoted via several social media channels. 
In addition, the ‘Epic She Shreds’ team will be making another announcement shortly regarding a fourth female rider who will be joining us! 

To read the complete press release, click HERE.

For more information about She Shreds Mountain Adventures, visit www.sheshreds.com.

For more information about the joint adventure, visit www.facebook.com/epicsnowmobileadventure

Follow online using the #EpicSheShreds and #BRAAP2016 hashtags


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