Meet the Lean, Mean, Green Machine! A Week Spent Riding the Kawasaki Vulcan S

Heads turned on the highway and people gawked as I cruised past them at a quick speed. I quickly got used to the attention I received while test riding the Kawasaki Vulcan S last week. At first glance, this bike is incredibly sharp looking with its emerald green colour and matte black features. Available in candy lime green, pearl white, royal purple and flat ebony, the Vulcan also offers a number of options and customized features to suit any rider. This liquid-cooled, fuel-injected motorcycle has been touted by many as a nicely balanced bike. With its 649cc parallel-twin engine, it gives riders a sport bike feel with its peppy engine and fast acceleration, while also offering the cruiser style look and feel.

Cruising home from Kawasaki Canada, I quickly got a feel for the powerful engine. When I joined a group of friends later that night, they questioned whether I would be able to keep up with their sport bikes. With a sly grin, I informed them that the Vulcan engine is similar to the Ninja parallel twin engine, and so yes, I would be able to keep up with them no problem.

Dressed warm in Joe Rocket Canada gear for a nice Fall ride

One of the attractive features of this bike are the ergo-fit options, which offer adjustable seat, handle bars and foot pegs to suit its rider. These adjustments are made at time of purchase by a Kawasaki ergo-fit technician. For more information about ergo-fit, check out Vicki Gray’s comprehensive article HERE

Over the course of the week, I put this bike to the test. Riding on the highway, country roads, in various temperatures, and around some tight curves; the Vulcan was able to hold its own. I recommend adding a windshield and saddle-bags for longer touring and added comfort. The bike was overall quite comfortable, light-weight and easy to maneuver in parking lots. I found that the engine offered smooth, flawless shifting, and as many have noted, the parallel twin 6-speed offered more torque at the lower to mid-range.

For someone who is used to riding a sport bike, I was able to easily transition to the Vulcan. It’s a great bike that has many features for either the beginner or more experienced rider. 

As I’ve grown as a rider, I’ve started to seek out those winding, twisty roads to test my skills on. I had fun taking the Vulcan out around the Pelham/Effingham areas in the Niagara Region. While I wasn’t able to get into the corners as much as I can on my sport bike, the Vulcan still offered some great acceleration and tight handling. While I was sad to let the green machine go, I enjoyed the time spent testing the bike and exploring some of the great roads that Southern Ontario has to offer. 

At MSRP value of $7,999, the Kawasaki Vulcan is also an incredibly affordable motorcycle. Visit your nearest Kawasaki dealer to check out a Vulcan in person, you won’t be disappointed! 


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