[PRODUCT REVIEW] The Magical Power of Wizards

Bug guts are probably one of the more annoying and unwelcomed parts of riding a motorcycle. They get everywhere - your helmet, clothing, face, but worst of all, on your bike. 

Of course it seems the minute you clean your bike, there goes the squishiest, fattest bug that probably exists, splattered right there on your nice clean windshield and paint. We've all been there, and we all know how much of a pain it is to clean off bug guts. And while we should clean those bits of bugs off right away, we often avoid the job like its the plague. This is partly because we might have been riding for hours or days and the sheer thought of cleaning our bikes just causes us to shudder, and also partly because the job itself is not overly pleasant. 

No one likes bugs on their bike 
I can recall having a conversation with a buddy not too long ago who mentioned that it was weeks after the Sturgis Rally that he finally cleaned all of Sturgis off of his Road Glide.Yep. All of Sturgis was on his bike. Perhaps he didn't want to wash the memories away, but I think it really just came down to the laborious job itself. 

Over the years, I've tried so many different bug removers, polishes and washes to clean up my toys. Some were ok, while others did a pretty good job. When I friend suggested I give Wizards a try, I was definitely up for something new. I had three different Wizards Products on hand to help make my bike sparkle; Bike Wash, Bug Release, and Mist-N-Shine

Wizard's Bug Release 

I started off using the Bug Release, which is also an effective presoak before washing. I sprayed those bug remains, let the product sit for a minute and then I wiped it away using a wet cloth. Voila! Bugs were gone just like that. This was by far the fastest working bug remover I have used to date. 

Wizard's Bike Wash

I then sprayed the Bike Wash all over my bike (making sure my bike was in the shade first). This spray instantaneously penetrated the dirt and grime on my bike. I let it sit for a minute before spraying it off with cold water. This stuff even cut through some of the grease on my bike. I only needed to use a cloth to get to some of those hard to reach places, but everything else had been cleaned with the power of the Bike Wash and some of that wonderful H20.

Wizard's Mist-N-Shine 

Final touches were made with the Mist-N-Shine product, used to brighten paint and add gloss. I noticed a few really tough marks on my paint (they might have been from a backpack or bag rubbing against the paint), so I used some of the Mist-N-Shine and a microfiber cloth to buff out the spots. I then used this product to add a bit of sparkle and shine to my pearly white paint. All in all, I loved the products, and am happy that I finally found something that works well and doesn't take me what seems like forever to clean my bike! 


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