Modify Your Sled with the VAeXhaust Can!

While on the Epic Snowmobile Adventure tour, I had the opportunity to connect with some awesome ladies at the 15th Annual Ladies Ride in Halfway, Oregon (more about the Ladies Ride later)! While I was there, I watched 'sled chix' Crystal Reno and Stephanie Santeford install an exhaust canister on Santeford's 2014 Polaris Pro RMK in the sno-park after a long day of riding. 

Crystal Reno and Stephanie Santeford remove the stock can

The VAeXhaust can from Vertical Addiction is a sleek looking accessory made of machine triple plated chrome. I was amazed at the size difference after Stephanie's stock can was pulled out. I learned that the VAeXhaust can is actually six pounds lighter than the stock can, while also adding up to six horsepower to the sled. 

The VAeXhaust Can from Vertical Addiction has a sleek design that reduces weight and adds horsepower
(PC: Stephanie Santeford)

The can was installed in minutes after securing a few spring tensioners. Stephanie quickly started up her sled to hear the sound difference (which is 9 decibels louder than the stock can). She was all smiles the next day as she noted the improved throttle response from increased air flow. Her fellow riders (myself included) laughed each time she grabbed the throttle, sending out a loud "braaap" sound.

Overall, this was an easy, low cost modification to make that offers a number of benefits for your sled. Visit for more information about Vertical Addiction's products, including apparel, belt drive upgrades and more! 


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