10 Things I learned While Road Tripping Across the Western United States

12 Days, 4 States and 2000 Miles... it sure has been a wild adventure with stops at the Annual Ladies Ride, McCall and Hazard Lakes area, and Driven Workshop in Island Park. Here are some things I learned during my travels :) 

1) Tumble Weeds are pretty fun to watch, especially when they get hit by cars

2) The new Nickelback 'No Fixed Address' Album is an awesome road trip soundtrack - it will amuse for hours! 

3) Don’t try to pump your own gas in Oregon...they don’t like that so much! 

4) Cheese curds are a delicious treat on the road

5) There is nothing wrong with fist pumping out the window when a song you love comes on the radio

6) It is always a good idea to have a spare set of keys for the truck…and sleds (sorry Steph!)

7) Energy drinks have a recommended limit of 2 per day for a reason

8) You can’t lose your truck in the Walmart parking lot when you have the Skittles and Pink Hawk snowmobiles on your sled deck

9) You really get to know someone when you spend 12 hours in a truck with them 
-Jess: "Steph - if you could be an animal, what animal would you be?" haha 

10) A dirty truck isn't necessarily a bad thing... it's an opportunity to be artistic 


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