[UPDATE] Epic Snowmobile Adventure Continues in McCall, Idaho

Made it to Halfway, Oregon for the 15th Annual Ladies Ride! 
It has been an absolute whirlwind of an adventure since I landed in Seattle, WA on February 17th. The next morning we packed the truck with what seemed like enough supplies for a month and departed in search of snow in the Western US. With a quick stop at Van Amburg Enterprises to pick up the Pink Hawk snowmobile, we were on our way to Halfway, OR for the 15th Annual Ladies Ride. This quaint town was transformed over the weekend with around fifty women riders who joined to share their love of snowmobiling.

Despite warmer temperatures and a shortage of fresh powder, lady riders still flocked to the mountain to ride over the course of three days. My first day on the mountain (EVER) was on Thursday, and I sure learned a lot. It was a challenging day as I was getting used to a new sled, gear, climate and high elevation, but it was an experience I won't forget. Learning to mountain ride around a group of amazing, supportive women was the best way for me to learn. It was amazing to hear everyone's stories of their first time riding on a mountain. After that day I was bruised, and felt parts of my body that I didn't know existed but I was eager to learn more. 
The view from 8000 feet! 

Now I am ready to embark on the second part of my adventure. After a treacherous (but fun) drive through Hells Canyon, Stephanie Santeford and I are now in McCall, ID and getting ready to explore the McCall and Hazard Lakes area today. I'll keep posting updates as I go so stay tuned! :) 


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