When the Lavatory on the Airplane Breaks...It's Serious Business

Epic Snowmobile Adventure has started, and with the start of any adventure (at least in my book) comes shenanigans, excitement and the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. So with that, I would like to share 6 things I learned at the airport during the first stretch of my trip to the Western US.

1) Peanut M&M's are not a meal supplement - it's probably a good idea to eat a meal before getting on a plane for a long flight (noted) 

2) When the walking sidewalk tells you it is going to end - you should listen (pretty self explanatory) 

3) When you wear a FXR hoodie that's high-vis, everyone is going to look at you. It's called high-vis for a reason! 

4) The kids zone is not for adults (noted) 

5) Negotiate with your neighbors - when the airbus isn't full, barter with peanut M&M's to get your neighbor to move so you can have the window and middle seat (moral of the story - peanut M&M's have multiple purposes when travelling!) 

5) When the airbus toilets don't work, it's serious business and will delay the plane for hours (ain't nobody got time for that!) 


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