The Pink Hawk: More Than Just a Machine

There's no doubt that the 'toys' in our lives tend to hold sentimental value. For some, it is the car that was passed down from your grandpa, and for others, it could be the motorcycle you rebuilt with your Dad. However, for one group of extremely talented and driven ladies, it is the Pink Hawk. 

"It ain't gonna build itself" - The Sledchix Ladies
Who Brought the Pink Hawk to Life
The Pink Hawk hardly needs an introduction. Many of you may have followed the Sledchix build online, read the featured article in Sledheads Magazine, or perhaps you just heard about it through friends. Either way, this project is an amazing feat that is still a hot topic a year and a half after it was built. 

In 2013, Liz Van Amburg and Brandy Floyd decided to create an all-female crew to build a custom snowmobile. They chose a crew composed of eight women and two girls to participate in the two-day sled build, with the intention of highlighting the growing number of women in the snowmobile industry. 

Stephanie Santeford on Mount Baker with the Pink Hawk
PC: Brandy Floyd

Many of the Sledchix build ladies have extensive backgrounds in the industry - they include professional snowmobilers, business women, advocates for keeping trails open, and of course the next generation of Sledchix. My travel companion for Epic Snowmobile Adventure, Stephanie Santeford, was also part of the crew! 

The pimped out Polaris Pro RMK spent some time travelling around to Western Snowmobile Shows in 2013, generating a lot of interest and excitement (and maybe a few squeals)! Now, the Pink Hawk continues its journey on the Epic Snowmobile Adventure, where it will visit the 15th Annual Ladies Ride in Halfway, OR, and then the Driven Workshop in Sandpoint, ID. 

Ladies Ride 2014 

Not only does this sled have a lot of women-hours put into it, but it has loads of memories, and represents so much more than just a snowmobile. The Pink Hawk represents sisterhood, empowerment, hard work and determination. I am thrilled to have the Pink Hawk join me on my upcoming journey, and can only imagine the new memories that will be created around this sled. A huge thanks to Liz and Mike at Van Amburg Enterprises for giving me this opportunity! 

For more information about the Pink Hawk Sledchix Build, visit:

Follow the Epic Snowmobile Adventure online using #BRAAP2015


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