Mountain Riding - More Layers Are Not Always Better!

What do you mean I don't need to wear four layers of clothes?! I'm sure if we would have been having this conversation face-to-face, Stephanie Santeford would have gotten a kick out of the awestruck look on my face. 

I had just finished a full day of snowmobiling around southern Ontario the day before in temperatures hovering around fourteen degrees Fahrenheit. We were fortunate to receive a nice heaping of snow this week, with totals around fifteen inches, and another five in the forecast. 

Stephanie Santeford stands out in her bright FXR Monosuit
(some might say she looks like candy!)

In preparation for the upcoming Epic Snowmobile Adventure, I had called Stephanie to get her thoughts on how I should pack. I tend to be a bit of an over packer; usually prepared for any situation that is thrown at me. However, I soon realized that this was the type of adventure that was not conducive to my over packing tendencies.

When I head out snowmobiling in Ontario, I usually dress in 2-3 layers plus my snowmobile jacket and pants. Stephanie quickly put an end to my thinking as she explained the differences between gear selection when trail riding vs. mountain riding. While perusing FXR Gear online, Stephanie recommended that I look into an unlined monosuit or the vertical lite jacket. When I complained that I get cold easily, she patiently explained that mountain riders tend to be active while riding and therefore maintain a warmer body temperature. Lighter apparel helps the rider move easier, reducing the chance of overheating. That made perfect sense to me, but it was something I had never considered since I was accustomed to bundling up for frigid temperatures.

FXR Vertical Pro Jacket with removable liner  

So I excitedly chose new gear for my adventure to the western big mountains. I traded in my modular helmet (complete with an electric face shield), for a lighter and sportier X1 FXR Helmet, along with unlined pants and matching jacket. With two weeks left until the start of Epic Snowmobile Adventure #BRAAP2015, I still have lots to do! My next blog post will talk about the upcoming Annual Ladies Ride in Halfway, OR.

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