Never Pass Up An Invitation...Especially to the 15th Annual Ladies Ride!

With just over one week until the start of the 15th Annual Ladies Ride, I thought it was fitting to share some of my thoughts (and excitement) about the event. As many of you know, I am a strong proponent of women in motorsports. I think it is great to encourage, support and inspire women who want to connect with others, and share new experiences.

Picture with the Pink Hawk Sledchix Build at the 2014 Annual Ladies Ride

My first time joining a ladies ride was last year when I attended 'Female Ride Day' which was started in 2007 to support women to get out on their motorcycles and 'Just Ride'. I had no idea what to expect when I decided to attend this event - "try to keep an open mind" seems to be my motto in life lately and that motto sure has taught me a lot. By the end of that day, I felt empowered and proud to be part of a group of women who had braved the poor weather in order to unite for a shared love of motorcycles. Read more about my experience at Female Ride Day HERE.

So now with snowmobiles on the brain and the sound of braap in my ears, I prepare to
travel over 2,400 miles for the Epic Snowmobile Adventure, with a stop at the 15th Annual Ladies Ride in Halfway, OR. Some might say I'm crazy.. ahem.. Brandy Floyd.. but crazy is how I roll :) My other motto in life is to never pass up an invitation, and this is one invitation that I wouldn't dare to pass up. 

2004 Annual Ladies Ride

The purpose of the entire Epic Snowmobile Adventure is to share the experience of a seasoned trail rider from the Midwest who wants to give mountain riding a go. I couldn't think of a better start to the adventure than with a supportive and welcoming group of ladies. From the moment I announced the decision to start this journey, I received nothing but positive support and encouragement. Several seasoned Ladies Ride participants reached out to welcome me, and others provided me with some helpful thoughts and advice. 

With it being the 15th year anniversary of this event (wow - huge accomplishment right there!), I absolutely cannot wait to just sit and listen to the stories and experiences from past events (that is after a full day of riding of course!). It is hard to know what to expect, so I think this is one of those adventures that I will just have to experience to understand. It is an honor to be included, and I am truly looking forward to meeting everyone! See you in Halfway in T-minus 9 days! 

Follow the Epic Snowmobile Adventure online using #BRAAP2015. 


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