Toronto Motorcycle Supershow 2015

Ladies textile Heart Breaker jacket
As I look outside at all the snow we got yesterday, it is hard to believe that just a few days ago I was at a motorcycle show looking at all the newest gear, motorcycles and accessories in preparation for the upcoming riding season. To be honest, it's a bit of a tease to go to these shows! 

Found my new bike!
Harley Davidson Night Rod

Snowmobile shows in September when it is still warm out, and motorcycle shows when it is freezing and the bike has been put away??! It's enough to drive a sane person crazy!

This seemingly odd dilemma didn't stop tens of thousands of people from making it to the Toronto Motorcycle Supershow this past weekend though. Boasting five halls packed full of assorted goodies for beginners to experienced riders, there really was something for everyone! I may have been drooling (just a bit) as I walked through each hall, checking out vintage bikes, custom choppers, bobbers, and new and used models.

I chatted with batman (yes- even he was there!), connected with friends at the Motorsoul Riding School, Chrome Divas, Ontario Tourism booths, Ontario Federation of Trail Riders, Kawasaki & more! This wasn't just a show, it was a reunion - a chance for us all to excitedly chat about our experiences riding this past summer, and what we were hoping and planning for in 2015. 

Joe Rocket group selfie! 

Every time I head to the Motorcycle Supershow, my experience is a bit different. This year, I was given the opportunity to work with Joe Rocket Canada at the GP Bikes booth. I had connected with some of the folks from Joe Rocket this past summer and had a chance to test out their gear, so I was really looking forward to meeting some of the designers in person. Interestingly enough, the first jacket I purchased years ago when I started riding was a Joe Rocket textile jacket. Never did I think that years later, I would be sitting down to dinner with the people who made it!

Modeling the new ladies leather Riviera jacket!

Right away, I found I had a great connection with the Joe Rocket crew. They were all down to earth, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about their products. I found myself asking so many questions - "where do you get your design ideas? What's your favourite product? What feedback do you get from customers?" In return to my multiple questions, I received honest answers, which really gave me an appreciation for the company and products that they made. 

It was great working in the booth, as I had a chance to talk to riders of all ages and skill levels. Many were new female riders, who were eager for advice on the type of gear to outfit themselves in. I found myself sharing stories about some "near misses" and how wearing gear really helped me out in those situations. 

We all think we are invincible until something unexpected happens on the road and we realize the importance of wearing full motorcycle gear to protect ourselves. I spoke with a few customers who shared their own stories of accidents or near misses, and some who credited Joe Rocket gear for saving them. There is no doubt that the gear has a solid design, practical components, and tough material that will do its' job if and when needed. 

Visit to check out the newest styles! 

1973 Honda CB350 - WrenchWerx Booth


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