To Ride or Not to Ride?

That is the question I asked myself this morning, as I looked out the window and saw nothing but gloom outside. For some people, that isn't an option, since two-wheels are their only mode of transportation. I'm fortunate to have a vehicle, so on those days where I'm too tired or the weather looks pretty bad, I decided to opt for the warmth and dryness of my truck. Before you label me as a princess though, I'll have you know that I've spent my fair share of time riding and touring around Ontario in rain showers, storms.. there might have been a tornado or two at one time! Just joking though - I always ride safe and seek cover when needed. 
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Today, it was a coin toss.. the weatherman said 50% chance of rain, and there wasn't a ray of sun in sight. However, the temperature was a balmy 24 degrees Celsius (75F) and quite possibly could be the last warm day of the season. 

This was a dilemma - it's like playing Russian roulette with yourself. I found myself weighing my options.. can I make it to my destination rain-free which is a 40 minute..well maybe 30 minute ride away? Should I just throw on rain gear and chance it? Do I want to show up to my important meeting possibly looking like a drowned rat? 

It was a tough call.. I felt like polling my friends online, or calling a friend for some help. Ultimately, I relied on what has never (not usually anyways) failed me in the past - my gut. I got in my truck, and drove down a few back roads to the highway. After a few minutes, I received a call from my buddy, Alex, who said "Hey! I got the day off today, wanna go for a ride?!" I seriously considered turning around to go home and grab my bike. Don't tell me you've never played hooky to go riding before! Unfortunately, the grown-up in me came out and I regretfully declined Alex's invitation.

I ended up making it to my meeting without a drop of rain falling from the sky, and I spent half the day regretting that I didn't ride that day. However, the weather turned later that afternoon, and I patted my gut (great mental picture there!) and felt reassured that I had made a good decision. 
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