Fall Riding at its Best: A Mother-Daughter Motorcycle Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

There's no doubt that the seasons are changing.  The weather has been cold and rainy, the leaves are quickly changing colour and falling off their trees, and to mark the change of seasons, I've been going to so many snowmobile shows in anticipation of the upcoming winter season! First there was HayDays, then the Big East Snowmobile Expo, and next I'll be at the Toronto Snowmobile & ATV Show. 

But hang on, let's not forget that the motorcycle riding season isn't over yet! After a week of cool temperatures and rain, we finally had some nice weather in Niagara. Without a moment of hesitation, I called my mother and said those magic words, "Let's go for a ride". Within 20 minutes, I was dressed in my Joe Rocket gear, and at my mothers house to meet her. We were quite the odd pair that day, with me on my 2008 Suzuki SV650 and with mom on her 2011 Harley Davidson Superglide. I was in a more feminine mood that day, so I decided to wear my pink Lotus helmet and white leather jacket, while mom was in all black. We sure got some looks on the road!

I led the way, and took us down 'Snake Road' which is a well known windy, twisty road in the heart of Southern Niagara. Our motorcycle adventure took us down back roads, past farms, open fields, and beautiful forests
consumed by red, orange and yellow colours. The wind was cool, but the sun added a nice warmth to the day. We stopped at a stop sign, and mom gave me a thumbs up, saying "you look good!" in reference to the new girlier-than-normal look that I was sporting that day. 

Turning onto Lyons Creek Road, I noticed a sign for a pumpkin patch farm, and made the split second decision to stop. That's the fun part about going on a motorcycle trip (whether long or short), there's always something to see, and destinations are a fun part of the journey! We pulled into the full parking lot, and I quickly noticed that we were the only motorcycles in sight. I saw a few raised eyebrows as we walked around, clearly out of place in our leather jackets and boots. My mom was in her glory though as she took the time to sort through pumpkins and gourds. This little trip brought back some childhood memories of time spent at the local pumpkin patch. I guess you're never too old to go back and revisit some of those memories! We stuffed the saddle bags of mom's Harley full of small pumpkins and made our way home, excited to see where our next adventure will take us! 


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